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CHE - 244.266.142 IVA Shareholder's Equity CHF 100,000


We believe that measuring is an art, therefore we apply 3D scanning thechnology and drones

3D Scanning Services

We offer 3D laser scanning all over the world thanks to our methodology in the field. Supported by robust equipment we achieve speed, precision and safety.

Photographs & Filming with Drones

This is a new service to achieve the ultimate in photorealism. We capture the best aerial photos with professional drones and cameras up to 4K resolution so that your projects come to life from above.


Our service provides georeferenced images and 3D terrain models with a texture and elevation that can be merged with the information obtained by laser scanning.

Collection of high-density 3D geospatial data from entire buildings, factories, scenes, and other big structures and locations, both inside and outside. Using the 3D measurements captured, the as-built of actual conditions can be seen in a 3D virtual world.


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