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Symphonic Piers

A new concept: Artwork in Moonlight floating piers & production

Mission & Vision

It arises with the aim of providing an artistic solution to the need for outdoor musical meeting spaces in response to the constant desire to bring art closer to people in times of pandemic.

SYMPHONIC PIERS seeks to be an architectural landscape complement that allows music concerts that can hold up to 300 people and offers the opportunity to interact with the environment from boats.

In this way, it offers municipalities an innovative opportunity to promote an artistic atmohpere while caring for the environment at the same time.


Stones S.A. supplies a thoroughly planned service performing creative ideas for events from the point of view of an escalable and sustainable business model. Our service includes the provision and management of the floating stage on Lake Lugano in its first phase, offering theatrical and entertaining shows, as well as the responsibility of being in charge of the system’s operation and maintainance in addition to its management and materialization.

Lugano, Switzerland

Set on a magical Lake, it enables a unique experience for fine art lovers offering symphonic concerts with the best artists enjoying a glass of champagne on the lake.

The lake is a magic mirror which enhances whatever is around it and in addition, it hides the stories of those who first ventured discovering it throughout the centuries.

The combination of classical music and the lake set the scene for the most relaxing and entertaning atmosphere nestled among the wáter, land and vast nature.

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