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CHE - 244.266.142 IVA Shareholder's Equity CHF 100,000

Virtual Solutions

We provide Virtual & Augmented Reality presentations

Augmented reality

We are experts in the use of this technology, which combines physical and virtual elements to create a mixed reality that is projected on the screen of a mobile device, adding virtual information to that already existing in the physical environment, without altering the product.

Events & Virtual Reality
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Starting from the client's needs, we generate digital and virtual experiences that entertain different types of audiences. Both in promotional events and in activations, we aim to position a brand or product in a fun and original way, managing to increase engagement with the "player".

3D Animation

We generate all the needs of our clients in a 3d environment. We specialize in architectural animations for construction projects, 4D-5D sequences, real estate, video games, Apps, and large-scale objects for digital actions.

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